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Italian Wedding Photography Studio, Florence (Tuscany)

Imagine the live colours, the sweet sounds and the fresh scents of Italy.

More than just dreams, all these elements could match the emotions of a day you will never forget by enriching the background picture of your wedding ceremony.

Specialised in weddings, our photo studio is based in Florence, Tuscany, the birthplace of the Renaissance, in Central Italy.

Italian Wedding Photography Studio Tuscany

Italian Wedding Photography Studio Tuscany: a fanny moment during a wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy

Florence itself could be the most suitable city for your ceremony, but we also do wedding shootings in many other Italian locations such as Pisa, Venice, Siena, Lake Como, Lucca and Rome.

Our expertise in making portraits and photo reportages will translate into images the uniqueness of your wedding day with a touch of freshness and simplicity, which does not disregard a certain refinement.

Italy will warmly welcome you paying particular attention to the brides. Makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist services are available upon request.

Thanks to the mildness of the Mediterranean weather, you can celebrate your Italian wedding in any month under a sun that brightens up every day of the year.

Assistance can be provided in English, Spanish or French.

Contact us today for more information or to ask for any arrangement you may like in your shooting session.  We will be glad to, picture by picture, capture every moment of your unforgettable wedding in Italy.